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The Appraiser Zone Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Appraiser Zone?
The Appraiser Zone is a secure, Web-based work site from which appraisers can receive orders, send completed reports, communicate with their clients and manage their pipeline. It is used by many mortgage lenders, banks, and appraisal management companies.
Is The Appraiser Zone an appraisal management company?
No, The Appraiser Zone is a technology based platform used to manage and organize appraisal orders. The Appraiser Zone does not partake in arranging appraisals on behalf of its users.
How can I register with The Appraiser Zone?
Simply click on our "Sign Up" Button, fill out the pertinent information and receive a confirmation email.
Who can I contact if I have questions regarding The Appraiser Zone?
Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 800-340-2009
How do I update my profile information?
  1. Log-in to your account
  2. Select the "My Account" link on the upper right hand side
  3. Click the "My Information" tab
  4. Complete the updated information on the screen
  5. Click the "Update Information" button at the bottom of the form.
How do I reset my password?
  1. Click the Log-In Button on the upper-right hand side
  2. Click the "Forgot your password?" link
  3. Type your email address in the "Email" field
  4. Press the "Send" button
How do I upload E&O, Licensing, or other documents to my profile?
  1. Click "My Account" on the top right
  2. Click "Certifications" tab
  3. On this page you can click "Browse" to upload an original document or type in information required into the appropriate fields.
What types of files can I upload to The Appraiser Zone?
  1. PDF Documents
  2. XML files
What is the criteria for assignment of orders?
The criteria may vary with each AMC or Lender but The Appraiser Zone has implemented an algorithm into the platform to help manage an auto rotation within a specific set of guidelines throughout each exclusive panel. These guidelines may be based off proximity, turn-around times, certifications required, and an open capacity available to accept orders.
How do I set my fee schedule?
The Appraiser Zone does not set nor dictate fees. You will have to contact each lender and/or AMC and set up product pricing directly with them.
How do I upload a revised report?
  1. Sign to your Dashboard
  2. Click the "In Progress" tab
  3. Click on the Order you wish to upload a revised report
  4. On the Order page, in the Order Timeline section, select the "Browse" button
  5. Find selected file and press "Open"
  6. On the Order page, click the "Submit Final Appraisal" button
Where can I update my profile to inform you that I am going on vacation and will be unavailable for a period of time?
Please send an email to your lender or AMC directly to let them know of any extended time away.
Do you require an appraiser to be certified to register with The Appraiser Zone?
No, Many clients require a certified appraiser for FHA purposes but The Appraiser Zone has no such requirements for enrollment.
Am I required to carry E&O insurance?
E & O insurance is a requirement of each individual lender and / or AMC and is not a necessary document with the Appraiser Zone. Please contact your Lender/ AMC directly to find out if you are required to upload this document.
How do I receive payment for my services provided?
The Appraiser Zone is not responsible for securing 3rd party payments. Please contact your Lender/ AMC directly to find out their payment schedules.
How much is The Appraiser Zone fee?
There is no obligation or contract and The Appraiser Zone has no registration, membership, or annual fees. The Appraiser Zone fee is $16.00 per completed residential appraisal report.
Why am I required to provide a credit card?
In order to streamline the payment process and avoid delays in completing assignments and receiving payments from lenders or AMC's, The Appraiser Zone requires all appraisers to have an active payment method on file. Appraiser's credit card is only charged when the completed report is uploaded and is charged per transaction.
Why does The Appraiser Zone charge a fee? What's it for?
  1. The Appraiser Zone is a technology based platform to help maintain and organize your pipeline as well as making you available to lenders and AMC's nationwide.
  2. The minimum service fee is for the services used thru our platform and covers receiving the order, accepting the order online, converting the reports to various UCDP formats at the preference of lenders and AMC's, sending the report (no matter how many times you may need to send it), messaging, and technical support.
Am I charged a fee for cancelled orders, orders I reject, or orders that the client sends back to me for adjustments?
No, You are never charged a service fee for cancelled orders, orders that you reject, or even orders that are sent back to you by your client for adjustments. You are only charged a fee after you have uploaded a report and it has been accepted by your client as complete. If you do not receive orders on The Appraiser Zone, there is no charge.